September 21, 2019

Jean-Baptiste Del Amo in conversation with Mark Krotov

Join writer Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, winner of the Goncourt First Novel Prize, and n+1 publisher Mark Krotov for a discussion of Del Amo’s fourth novel, Animalia, which “follows the misfortunes of four generations of a peasant family, as they stagger through the 20th century in an unpicturesque village in rural France, raising and casually mistreating their animals and each other” (Ian Samson, the Guardian).

4 PM
Saturday, September 21

Albertine Books
972 Fifth Avenue

Praise for Animalia

“Del Amo’s pungent, nightmarish English-language debut describes, in a mythic, arresting style, the bleak fates of a cursed family and the pigs they rear . . . The florid prose has an incantatory power well suited to the festering enmity, inhumanity, and majestic squalor on display. This uncompromising vision will leave readers breathless, thrilled, and exhausted.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Mixes the tragic energy of a family novel with the brutal evolution of the relationship between man and beast . . . Del Amo shows an apocalyptic vision of how humanity has been led to madness, all in the name of economic rationality . . . A richness of style both sweeping and powerful.”
Le Monde

“Powerful . . . This is not a novel that says just try to recycle a bit more: it is a book that confronts a reader with a stark moral reckoning of the costs of eating meat. There are characters too, but the main character, here, troubled and chased through these pages, is the farm. Fans of Édouard Louis will find a thrilling fellow-traveler here.”
—John Freeman, Literary Hub