is a print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics published three times a year. We also post new online-only work several times each week and publish books expanding on the interests of the magazine.

n+1 was founded in New York City in 2004 by six young writers and editors who wanted to revive the American tradition of politically engaged literary magazines. At the time, the intellectual scene felt disturbingly fragmented and drained of vitality: political magazines didn’t care about literature, literary magazines didn’t discuss politics, and big ideas had to be buried in tiny book reviews. The founding editors wanted to make a magazine that could encompass all the subjects they cared about—one that didn’t shy away from difficult and ambitious writing, and that saw literature, politics, and culture as aspects of the same project.

More than a decade on, n+1 has “established itself as the bellwether of a new generation of literary intellectuals” (Harper’s). It has published dozens of book-length magazines, hundreds of online-only pieces, and a handful of critically acclaimed books, as well as programmed countless readings, panels, and events across New York City. Its editorial mission remains to encourage writers, new and established, to take themselves as seriously as possible, to write with as much energy and daring as possible, and to connect their own deepest concerns with the broader social and political environment—that is, to write, while it happens, a history of the present day.

Praise for n+1

n+1 has reinvented the little magazine
Toril Moi

An island of hope in a sea of inanity
Nancy Fraser

A concentration of work without precedent or equal in the US or anywhere else
Francis Mulhern, New Left Review

The rightful heir to the Partisan Review and The New York Review of Books. It is rigorous, curious, and provocative
Malcolm Gladwell

One of the consistently excellent periodicals of the last decade
Pankaj Mishra

A lively, stimulating magazine of a rare intellectual scope
Joyce Carol Oates

Just when you think you’re intellectually alone in the world, something like n+1 falls into your hands
Jonathan Franzen

So many good writers have come tumbling out of that small journal in the past few years that it’s begun to resemble an intellectual clown car
The New York Times

The best goddamn literary magazine in America
Mary Karr

I think I’m in more danger from n+1 than from al Qaeda
Salman Rushdie



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