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October 25, 2023

Online Only

Saree Makdisi

No Human Being Can Exist

How can a person make up for seven decades of misrepresentation and willful distortion in the time allotted to a sound bite?

What we are not allowed to say, as Palestinians speaking to the Western media, is that all life is equally valuable. That no event takes place in a vacuum. That history didn’t start on October 7, 2023, and if you place what’s happening in the wider historical context of colonialism and anticolonial resistance, what’s most remarkable is that anyone in 2023 should be still surprised that conditions of absolute violence, domination, suffocation, and control produce appalling violence in turn.

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Art for Issue 44
The Suitors of Helen

Issue 44

Stephen Squibb

The Suitors of Helen

I mean, a man is worse than a baby

I can’t give you what you need. Look around you. Everything around us shouts your fertility. Points toward it. The whole palace is waiting on your womb. It’s the organizing principle of this entire operation. You think you can hold out against it?

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