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Art for Issue 46
Not One Tree

Issue 46

Grace Glass, Sasha Tycko

Not One Tree

Stopping Cop City

Neon-vested workers appear through the trees, drilling into the ground—taking soil samples? Suddenly there’s shouting at the front, a line of masked people surrounding the workers, and then, from nowhere, cops surrounding the march, a warning on a megaphone—a kettle in the trees!

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February 17, 2023

Online Only

Erik Baker

It Is Happening Again

Industrial toxicity without industrial employment

How many times have we seen this drama play out in the last several decades? Every presidential administration wants to fix America’s “crumbling infrastructure” until they discover the business interests profiting from disrepair.

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Art for Issue 42

Issue 42

Elena Kostyuchenko


The largest oil spill in Arctic history

On May 29, 2020, the largest fuel storage tank at Norilsk Heat and Power Plant No. 3 (HPP-3) burst at the bottom and spewed 6.5 million gallons of diesel fuel into the Daldykan River. From there it seeped into the Ambarnaya River, Lake Pyasino, the Pyasina River, and finally into the Kara Sea. It was the largest oil spill in Arctic history.

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