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To celebrate the end of summer—welcome, September!—we are offering two free n+1 books to all new Print + Digital subscribers. Just check out as usual and we will mail you copies of City by City and MFA vs NYC totally free of charge. This offer won’t last for long, though, so hurry!

City by City

“The spirited, eye-opening examinations of various American cities in this intelligent collection of essays… tell a common story of economic vibrancy and ambitious vision followed by ‘postindustrial malaise,’ economic depression, ecological devastation, and rising crime.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“An honest and modern portrait of America, from one coast to the other.”

Vanity Fair


“A serious, helpful and wily book.”

New York Times

Featuring contributions by Chad Harbach, George Saunders, Maria Adelmann, Eric Bennett, David Foster Wallace, Alexander Chee, Melissa Flashman, Emily Gould, Jim Rutman, Lorin Stein, Jynne Martin, Keith Gessen, Carla Blumenkranz, Diana Wagman, Elif Batuman, Fredric Jameson, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Eli S. Evans, and more.


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