Episode 10: Sports

Episode 10
Image by Eric Wen.

This month, the n+1 podcast does Sports, with Alice Gregory on the Mavericks surfing competition in Northern California (the subject of her essay in Issue 17: The Evil Issue); Lizzie Feidelson and Daniel Squire on the Merce Cunningham archives; and a conversation with n+1 editors Keith Gessen and Chad Harbach about sports, sports writing, and n+1‘s most recent softball game against the Paris Review.

Hosted by Elisa Wouk Almino, Moira Donegan, and Eric Wen.
Audio Engineer: Malcolm Donaldson.
Produced by Elisa Wouk Almino, Malcolm Donaldson, Moira Donegan, and Eric Wen at WNSR: New School Radio.
Archival audio “Mondays with Merce” courtesy of the Merce Cunningham Trust.
Music from Gavin Bryars, Eric Wen, and Yo La Tengo.
Original Music by The Westerlies featuring Andrew Mulherkar, Luke Sellick, and Sammy Miller.

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