The Golden Age

These are almost all very small little bombs, and even the ones that are a little more serious, even those, ours are much, much bigger, so people can understand that we are in control of the situation, and we are going to have a very, very successful number of days.

I know how to build and if it was lost it is not really lost, it is going back better, just fabulous.

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It’s been great, it’s been really amazing, the extent to which we’ve had the biggest response by far to the threats we’ve faced, and that’s something to me that’s very exciting. In the history of this great nation, you look at FDR or Eisenhower, as you know this is a substantially greater response, and that is why we’ve been able to contain threats that are much bigger than any we’ve ever faced before. It’s a record breaker, this was just certified, it’s a record breaker in terms of how fast something this big could have ever been contained.

There are things that the last guy set up that were so dumb and so weak, but you look at what we’re doing—I can’t talk about it all, but believe me, we’ve been doing very well. There are some really beautiful organizations of people in the military and they tell me they’re so happy that I’m the one here when it happened.

I really need to thank the generals—can I take a moment to thank the generals? These generals we’ve got, they are amazing, and they’ve said to me, we’re so glad it’s you. In every single branch of the military we have, we have these generals, and what a job they are doing. What an amazing job. And what they’re saying to me is that this is a very small little bomb that’s being used over there, a small nuclear device, and what we’ve got, it’s so much bigger. You run down the line with what’s happening in these places around the world. These are almost all very small little bombs, and even the ones that are a little more serious, even those, ours are much, much bigger, so people can understand that we are in control of the situation, and we are going to have a very, very successful number of days.

You wouldn’t know it from the press, just how beautifully it’s going. They’re saying he had his finger on the button, and he pressed it like we said he would, but they’re so clueless. They have no idea—it’s not a button. It’s a code, or a series of codes, and a process. And you don’t need to send them all at once, and we haven’t sent them all. In terms of what we could do on a nuclear level, we have been very restrained, actually. The media has been really terrible, there are a couple people—and I’m not going to name names—but there are a couple people who are just so disgusting. People have called me up crying and thanked me for saving their families. So many calls. Now we wanted to keep that private, because I don’t think it’s anybody’s business if people are crying and saying Thank you, Thank you, Mr. President, but you look at the people and families I’ve saved, we are talking about millions and millions.

The press should be ashamed.

Europe, the stuff we’re seeing from there—there’s another where I was proved right. Everyone said, How dare he say these things about NATO? And now you look at what’s happening, people are saying, you know, Trump was right, NATO didn’t save them from all these terrorists they let in.

I really think the press, you know, the media, I think the press, my opinion of the media is that in many cases, not in all cases, are not good people, they’re stupid, and I’m not talking about the people in this room, or not all of them, but guys, I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job.

So here we are in this bunker, way down deep, we’re doing this particular press conference in this bunker, it was not my choice, there are certain protocols in place, and we’re going to get those fixed, too. But for the moment, right now, we’re here in the bunker. It shouldn’t be so cold. It’s stuff from the last guy, some of his absolutely terrible bureaucrats, they are the ones who handed us these bunkers, and believe me we are getting back out of here fast. It’s nonsense, this bunker, that’s too bad, the heat’s not set right, and that sort of thing doesn’t bother me, but it needs to be fixed. Many people are saying that it’s cold down here, and we are going to move into a place soon that is much tougher and much smarter. It is time for everyone in this country who is talking all this garbage to get tough and smart.

You don’t have to sit in the cold like this. There’s a thermostat, you know. You can reach out and just change it.

How do you think my old opponent would have done down here? She would have keeled over down here. Her lungs, her brain, there were things there that weren’t good. You talk about a finger on the button, how do you do it with a finger that’s coughing? It would be a total mess, just a disaster, and if you think about how she would have handled the thugs, it would be absolutely corrupt and it would have been just pure chaos.

You have these thugs that are rioting and she would have been so weak and fainting and coughing, and our great African-American former president hasn’t come out of retirement to tell them to knock it off and stop destroying our country—you have these animals wrecking our cities and killing our law enforcement like dogs in the street, and believe me, I have sent the military to so many places and they are going to do a fabulous job keeping all this contained even in the face of those who are saying let’s destroy the whole country.

Did I see Ivanka? I saw Ivanka on TV, sure. When I saw what Ivanka was saying, well this is what I can tell you about Ivanka. Does she even understand the records we’ve broken? It is very hard to understand how she could have turned on me if she had seen the records.

You know ever since she was a child we dressed her in gold—golden hair, and our home, you know our home, gold walls, little gold tables everywhere, lovely gold leaf sconces, very nice, gold candlesticks and clocks, the most carats and the highest purity you can get into gold leaf, even in all the gears of all the clocks and in the gears of all the golden clockwork toys, we made it all extra gold after she came into our lives. If we get stuck here for a little while we’re going to get some flags and bunting in here, some gold leaf, some of those nice gold leaf cherubs. I’d love for Ivanka to see it.

All that gold leaf, all those years, that was money well spent. The most elegant, the most deluxe, you’ve got to spend it to make it.

You know how much money we spent on nukes over the years? Five trillion dollars. And they said we can’t use them. Oh no, don’t use them. We had eight years of the last guy who wouldn’t even say ISIS.

The press is so dishonest and so unfair.

We’re going to rebuild much better anything that was lost to these animals, and that has been greatly, greatly exaggerated. We’re doing very, very well. How is Ivanka listening to that? I know how to build and if it was lost it is not really lost, it is going back better, just fabulous.

Maybe we won’t rebuild the Capitol building, not for a few years. Wouldn’t that be nice? Some of these people, they need a clown car, not a beautiful fabulous building. Unbelievable what some of them are saying. Just unbelievable.

They say some things, and then they repeat it overseas, this dishonest, completely fabricated stuff, to the point where you even have a dishonest Prime Minister saying that what I’m doing is going to end civilization as we know it.

I wish I had that power.

But why is it so cold? When what I’m talking about is getting a handle on radical Islamic terrorists that are all over the place. The last guy let them come in by the thousands and thousands—they’re in our farms and cities. We have radical Islamic terrorists and they have to be killed. And in this same Prime Minister’s country, it’s really funny to me, you have people in his country there blowing up whole cities, families blown to bits, children, little crying children, you see arms and legs, disgusting, people blown up, hacked up, people running absolutely wild around all these people who are blown up, and these problems started with people he let in by the thousands and thousands.

And somehow I get the blame.

I honor all people military or otherwise that were killed and I think it’s very important to do so. I honor the people that were killed in Benghazi, needlessly killed in Benghazi, under Crooked Hillary. Cough, cough. But when you have parts of the military that are not obeying orders that are not doing what they need to do, then those people will be dealt with, and it’s being handled.

My understanding is that some elected officials are among those being talked to, some military, but this is a military operation, so I don’t have all the details. Whatever our response is, it’s all vetted by generals. It’s all been very carefully vetted, and if something goes wrong, people are going to try to blame me, but it’s not me. I don’t mind protestors, but you have to be honest. I don’t want the credit but I shouldn’t get these attacks. Not when it’s not true.

The generals give me the codes, and they’re very beautiful. Some other generals, they need to be dealt with, but it’s all been vetted.

I was viciously attacked, so I just have to sit there?

With the White House, when it comes to the White House, we are going to start over and it is going to be much, much better, really fantastic, that place was falling apart, Melania said to me, when we first, she said to me, I mean they almost did us a favor, I think Melania would have said that . . .

It doesn’t matter what Melania would have said.

Doesn’t everyone’s family come and go? You tell me.

A lot of you are, I look at you, you’re sweating like pigs. But it’s cold. I’m surrounded by pigs and there’s no, there’s no bunting, no cherubs. These walls are, what are they—sheetrock. Sheetrock on whatever a bunker’s made of. If you’ve got gold in your teeth, open wide, let me see it, we need some gold in here.

I know they already took, that they collected the jewelry and the watches, so if you could just open your mouths.

Does it get cold or hot when you’re getting really deep? I thought it was hot way deep down, isn’t that what they say, that it’s fire down below, but it’s so cold.

The number of people that have died in the country, now that has been greatly, greatly exaggerated. I mean that’s what people do for ratings. You see all these people who are dead, the mounds of people where no one can figure out who they are, and let me tell you, when it’s even people, when it’s not just decoys, terrorists shoestringed together, when the mounds are actually people, what it is is it’s the people the last guy let in here and we have no idea who they were, no documentation, no idea where they came from, people coming in by the tens of thousands having some sort of civil war with each other, and that’s why they’re all scattered across the streets and stacked up in mounds. If they want to make it easy on us by just killing each other, be my guest.

This room isn’t right.

I don’t care if the thermostat is telling you it’s a thousand degrees, it’s cold in here. How are you going to say it’s fine, when it’s not fine at all? There is nothing about this room at all that is right, nothing,

I said there’s no gold down here, but if we’re stuck here for a while, there’s gold. I know that for security reasons they’ve taken your jewelry—don’t worry, you’ll get it all back. But in your teeth—who’s got gold fillings? Show of hands? Or just open wide. Let me see those chompers. Let me see those chompers with the gold.

I used to live in golden rooms above the city. You’ve seen them, all those pictures, me and my family in golden rooms.

My daughter, she says to me, she says, Daddy, no, and then she goes on TV and she says it. She’s disgusting. It’s just disgusting. She says no no no, this isn’t what we want, you have a choice. Really? We have a choice?

Such a lie. And they know it’s a lie! And spread the word, folks, but they know it’s a lie. She’s a baby, she’s being a baby. And I don’t throw babies out, believe me. I love babies! I love my children, I love babies. I don’t throw babies out, believe me.

We just need some gold.

If we can open up some of the computers, there’s gold in some of those, gold in the wires.

Gold chips, gold pins and lids, all those computer chips from all those fantastic companies.

I mean, my own daughter, I thought she was smart, she says we have a choice? She is such a baby.

And she thinks just because we’ve lost some family that we’re lost somehow? Let me tell you, we have lost some family, they’ve lost a lot of families out there, and that’s why we have to do it, we don’t have to be babies about it.

We just do it.

We do what we have to do.

I don’t lose often. I almost never lose. I have worked hard. It has not been easy for me, it has not been easy for me. And you know I started off in Queens, my father gave me a small loan, and I made so much more. So much money.

Those tenants complained. They complained so much. Families, poor families, rooms that are dirty, rooms that were wrong, babies that were screaming, little babies who didn’t get it at all. I’d do a walkthrough, I’d say, You don’t have to sit here in the cold. You can reach right up and fix it.

Don’t ask me to fix it, you do it.

The years with your children are gold, they say that’s the golden age. My kids, they’re not kids anymore, but they’re kids as far as I’m concerned. They’ll always be my kids. Even the kids that aren’t anymore, these are my kids, kids come and go.

I have made a great deal of money and success by getting into certain businesses and getting out of others, and it’s been really fantastic for me. And internationally speaking, yes, we have to get out of certain businesses and get into others, and it can all be very, very profitable, for us as a country, right now. The things and events that have happened—terrible, terrible things—the terrible things all around the world that are happening are things from the weakness and the rot that the last guy put in it, but there is still profit there to be made if you get out right.

I would say, Ivanka, read the polls, this is all so popular, and we can get out, too, get out of things that are failing, I am very good with getting out. Ivanka, look at yourself, your mouth and your hair, look at how beautiful you are. And I would say, what did I do? What did I do? Look at my mouth and my hair. Aren’t we the same? I loved you, you know?

Should I apologize? I think apologizing’s a great thing, but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I’m ever wrong.

She has said all of these terrible things, how I’m wrong and how what I’m doing is wrong. How it should have been my opponent and not me who won. How she made a mistake, how her life, her life has been a terrible mistake. And her tearing at her dress and saying, Daddy, it was all for what? All so I could sell a few dresses? And then begging the generals, the generals!, to make it stop, to make a choice. And I have a terrific relationship with the generals, and we’ve got all these generals saying I’m right, so I should listen to her? If we could just get some of you with the gold teeth to just step into the side room. If people would just help them out. All these generals who will pass me the code and I have to say I’m wrong somehow?

People say I have sacrificed no one and lost no one and I have lost people. I have lost, I have lost—the people I lost are some of the best people you could ever lose, and the people doing the saying are garbage.

The boys, Melania and the boys, you think I haven’t lost? I’ve lost more than anyone.

And sure she misses her brothers, but she can’t talk like that.

Ivanka, honey.

She is so beautiful, I mean what a girl.

If she wasn’t my own daughter?

She’s gold.

Her beauty that’s gold came through me, and anyone can see that. Anyone can see it. But there is another beauty, inside and out, you could cut her open and see a whole new way of being beautiful.

A father could cut open his daughter or really just open like a door in her side and find the beauty inside, and find that everything is gold in there, like clockwork.

They say a king touches his food and it becomes gold, and he can’t eat it, but I can.

I can eat gold.

I can eat all kinds of gold.

And I know that she has lost people, and that she feels lost, but she hasn’t lost me.

Together with the gold that’s in us, together we’d be in a golden room, all our gold animals, the tigers and singing birds, it would be so fabulous.

If she wants to lose me then that’s fine.

You hear that, honey? It’s just fine.

Your call.

Be a baby.

I really could care less.

Who’s left here. I feel like even a few minutes ago there were a few more of you. I hope they’re treating you okay. You all look great, you really do. No, come on, you all look terrible. It’s true, looking around this room, that you all look really terrible. Are any of you getting any sleep at all? I think people haven’t been sleeping well, it’s affecting their brains.

Not me. I sleep like a baby, I really do.

Where do you think my old opponent is? Old and sick and dead, I guarantee.

If they ask you into the next room, just go with them, don’t make a fuss.

Last night I dreamed of El Dorado, of the seven cities of gold.

I dreamed of Heron of Alexandra, who boiled his daughter’s body and disarticulated the corpse, and he made a fabulous new family of clockwork and bone and gold, and set it free in the world, and that family, that family has been making their way ever since, it’s true, through all those centuries.

I dreamt of all the presidents, and they were all, this is true, they were dead meat, it turned out you know that they were just dead meat in their graves, and then I saw the emperors of old who were still living, black robes with gold brocade, these huge black robes with gleaming golden fringe, nodding and welcoming me in.

Why shouldn’t the last guy have gone out there and done something about the thugs, come out of retirement, before he died?

You’ve got to wonder about that guy, you really do.

There’s computer chips in the walls, even, even in this room, little trilobites running around in the walls plated gold, it’s true.

I could break into the walls and grab them, grab one and pop it in my mouth.

Bring me a bite.

Bring me back a bite from the next room when you’re done with them.

There in the next room.

With all the people we’ve moved into the next room whose gold we’re getting, or whose bones we’re getting.

It feels like it’s finally getting warm.

Is it just me or is it finally getting warm in here?

Part of me feels hot and part of me doesn’t.

Part of me feels really, really hot and part is ice.

Are we getting some gold?

I want to wrap this room up in gold.

Get me a trilobite, and set one aside for Ivanka, I’m sure she’s on her way.

I have talked to the generals and the generals who are with us have given me some really, really wonderful codes to work with, and the codes are beautiful, just beautiful. I will reach through the sheetrock to the gold. I am not going to let anything happen here. We’ll find our families and we’ll save our families if our families can be saved. So, the first events were small little events, and with some of the others, they’re still gathering the data, and we’ll know soon, but now’s the time to act. Ivanka, I’d like you down here before we do the next response. It is contained but we need more response, and then we’ll go up to the penthouse. Everything they are saying is that it is contained, and they are saying they really love our response, they’re all saying it’s gold, but the gloves are coming off. I’ve been nice, but I don’t have to be so nice anymore, we can’t listen to the babies anymore, all the little crying babies, waah waaaaah. I’m taking the gloves off, right? Yes? Take the gloves off. Taking the gloves off. The generals are saying, the ones who are any smart at all, they look around and say look at all this gold, all this gold you’ve made, let’s take the gloves off. They’re saying we won’t be able to survive up there in the penthouse, but they don’t know us, do they? And my fingers, they’re gold. Yes? The response we did this afternoon, I’m a real estate guy, I build things, I built real estate and I built a family and a built so many terrific buildings, some of the best buildings, and I want to tell you, the response we did was the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever built, bones flecked in gold and wrapped up in all kinds of slashing golden light. What a phenomenal thing to see. And believe me, we’ve got much, much more like that, now that the gloves are coming off, the gold that’s coming is so much more than all the gold that’s been in all the worlds that have been. So I think in terms of my response what you’ll see is we’re doing very well, that that one was one of the best, did you even see that, the response we just did? We’ll build things in gold and we’ll build things in bones. And the next one, it’s going to fill us up, Ivanka, honey, fuck the babies, punch the codes, it’ll be gold all up through everything, the best ever.

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