Love. Of Art

I want to fuck you
in front of
works of contemporary art
in front of installations
video art
at an art gallery
or at an art auction
while people call out lot numbers
and bang gavels
or at home on a loveseat
but it has to be under
or near
a work of contemporary art
a work of art by
damien hirst
jeff koons
ilya kabakov
oleg kulik
I want to fuck you
when you’re on your period
so that
the sprays of your menstrual blood
and our sweat
would get all over the works of contemporary art
completing them or almost becoming a part of them
so that our ecstatic cries would drown out
the artful sounds of contemporary art
so that our writhing bodies would block and overshadow
the works of contemporary art
while you and I fucked in front of them
almost becoming part of them or completing them
and then we would take pictures of them
and take pictures of ourselves in front of them
in a way becoming part of the works
of contemporary art
and contemporary art itself
after which we would fuck in front of them again
while someone would take pictures of us fucking
or make a video of us fucking
made a video of us fucking in front of a video
in which someone might be fucking someone else
and recorded the ecstatic cries we make
and then layered them over the sounds of the works
of contemporary art
among which can be heard the ecstatic cries
of some other people
and not only people but also animals
and of course other sounds as well
that have become a part of the works of contemporary art
and then of course I would cum on the surrounding objects
of contemporary art
which would already have been sprayed
with someone else’s semen with artistic intent
and then the drops of my fresh semen would complete
and become part of that old already spoiled or
conversely preserved semen that has become a part
of the work of contemporary art
which in turn also became a part in a way
of contemporary art
and then you and I would experience
not only sexual satisfaction
but aesthetic pleasure from our proximity
to contemporary art
and art in general
we would look at each other afterwards
and ask one another
do you feel it
and reply to each other
I feel it
do you understand it
I understand it
do you see it
I see it
do you hear it
yes I hear it
can you touch it
I can touch it
are you happy
I am happy
I’m happy too
I love contemporary art
I love contemporary art too
I love you
I love you too
will the crisis pass?
the crisis will pass soon
let’s fuck?

—Trans. Bela Shayevich

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