Leading Questions

Want to visit the Jazz Age?

Can you live on the minimum wage?

From headlines in the New York Times and the Washington Post opinion pages since November 8, 2016.

Photograph by Joe Campbell.

Is this the end of American exceptionalism?

What is America without influence?

Is America still the leader of the free world?

Is there an optimal response to the provoker-in-chief?

What’s the use of regret?

1942 all over again?

Which date should live in infamy?

Has Western democracy become unstable?

Is rock ’n’ roll dead, or just old?

Will the press still be free?

Can Trump tolerate dissent?

Has Donald Trump exposed the liberal academic cocoon?

Are there limits to Trump’s power?

What Russia after Putin?

Why does Donald Trump lie about voter fraud?

How would the Electoral College dump Donald Trump?

Should I rent my house to his supporters for the inauguration?

Serious about relocating from Trump’s America?

Will the next Deepwater Horizon be in Mexico?

Does India’s right wing have any ideas?

Can smuggled TV shows change North Korea?

What comes after Aleppo falls?

Who could stop nuclear war in the Trump era?

What does a black conservative do after a Trump win?

Want to visit the Jazz Age?

Can you live on the minimum wage?

Can you name the First Amendment’s five freedoms?

Should I lie about my beliefs to get health insurance?

What could be worse than repealing all of Obamacare?

What is Facebook’s mission?

Why not smart guns in this high-tech era?

Will guys with guns replace the agency Elizabeth Warren created?

Can Senate Democrats save the party?

Can the Democrats move right?

Did moderates help elect Trump?

What does it mean to be progressive?

What does President Trump mean for feminists?

Is modern feminism out of touch?

Will women still want to run?

Is Donald Trump’s cabinet anti-woman?

Whose feminism is this?

Really, you’re blaming transgender people for Trump?

America the punitive?

Should young violent offenders get a second chance?

Can evolution have a ‘higher purpose’?

Does decision-making matter?

Are humans special? Maybe not.

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