What We Should Have Known (Live!)

At 7 PM next Wednesday, October 26 at Fordham, n+1 contributors J. D. Daniels and Helen DeWitt talk frankly about regrets they have (or don’t have) about college-—what they wish they had read or not read, listened to or not listened to, thought or not thought, been or not been.

The conversation is part of a series on the subject with different contributors moderated by editor Keith Gessen. The transcripts of the first two installments were published as the n+1 small book What We Should Have Known. This will be the first live event in the series.

The conversation will be held in the Twelfth Floor Lounge at Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus, at 113 W. 60th St. Upon entering the glass doors, inform the security desk that you are attending the English Dept. event. Take the escalator up one floor to the plaza level, then the elevator up to the eleventh floor, then take the stairs one flight to the space.

We hope to see you there!