November 16, 2016

Sophie Pinkham in conversation with Keith Gessen

Sophie Pinkham will discuss her new book, Black Square, with n+1 founding editor Keith Gessen.

The event is free and open to the public.

7 PM, November 16, 2016
68 Jay Street #405
Brooklyn, NY 11201

RSVP on Facebook and via email to rsvp@nplusonemag.com.

“Sophie Pinkham is a wry, erudite observer of human foibles, political illusions, and funny hats. In Ukraine and its complex and tragic confrontation with Russia (and itself), she has found the perfect subject. Anyone who wants an explanation of Ukraine’s recent history that goes beyond Kremlin propaganda and Western media oversimplification should read this book.”
―Keith Gessen

“Essential reading. What makes Black Square superb, to my mind, is Pinkham’s keen eye for the dark comedy and tragedy that mark so many of her subjects. Her portraits of individual Ukrainians and Russians are as rich and nuanced as her synthesis of their national histories and politics. The result is a book whose literary achievement will outlast its timeliness.”
―Anthony Marra