Protest Morning-After Pill Restriction, Jan. 12

n+1 readers, American citizens and sympathizers, and those who believe that our movement doesn’t end with Occupy:

In December 2011, after years of restricting over-the-counter access to the Morning-After pill to women over 17, the FDA finally deemed the Morning-After Pill safe for women of all ages. Based on this determination, the FDA recommended the pill be accessible over-the-counter to everyone. In an unprecedented move, the Department of Health and Human Services proceeded to block the FDA’s recommendation, upholding the prescription requirement for women under 17. Despite his promise to promote policy based on sciences and not morality, President Obama has supported this obstruction.

National Women’s Liberation has put together a protest and speak-out in New York today, January 12th, to demand that Health and Human Services reverse this decision, and to demand that the Obama Administration stop giving in to right-wing extremists. The Radical Feminist branch of n+1’s research division is trying to help get as many of us as possible to turn out. It’s time to wake this administration up.