Occupy on Monday, Sept. 17th

For New York readers, information about how to help launch Occupy’s second year on Monday:


This Monday, September 17th, people from all over the country are going to converge on the financial district to mark the beginning of Occupy Wall Street’s second year.

For countless reasons, we need a protest movement. But protesting is more fun when you are with people you know. So join us!

WHO: We are people involved with Occupy Writers, Occupy Musicians, the Occupy! Gazette and n+1, and the Artists-and-Writers-OWS-Affinity-Group (aka Writers Bloc). This invitation is open to everyone.

WHEN & WHERE: Monday, September 17th, at 7 AM at 55 Water Street (fittingly, that’s Standard and Poor’s). From there we will join up with everyone else around the New York Stock Exchange, or as near to it as we can get, as part of “The People’s Wall.”

PLEASE NOTE: Some people will be engaging in non-violent civil disobedience by sitting down and blocking intersections around the NYSE. Those of us who cannot or do not wish to be arrested should stick to the sidewalks and comply with all police orders as calmly as possible. If you do that, you should be able to participate safely. Use your best judgment and know your rights. And remember to come with signs and slogans!

If you cannot make it at 7 AM on Monday, please consider joining us later, in the afternoon or evening. There will be protests, pickets, and conversations throughout the day. Some of us will be gathering at 2 PM at South Ferry outside the Staten Island Terminal. To cap things off there will be a popular assembly at 6 PM at Foley Square.

There are also many events planned for Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the 15th there is a festival of education at Washington Square Park from 11 AM to 7 PM. On Sunday the 16th: the Guitarmy marches in the morning, a permitted concert and celebration goes from 1 to 6 PM, and Occupy Rosh Hashana services in Zuccotti Park begin at 7:30 PM. See the full schedule for the weekend here.

If you are not in NYC and cannot make it to any of these events in person, please show your support for OWS by signing this petition.


Daphne Carr, Kiera Feldman, Mark Greif, Jeff Sharlet, Astra Taylor

PS For important writing and art from the NYC Occupy movement, see our friends at Occuprint, Tidal from Occupy Theory, the Occupied Wall Street Journal, the OWS Screen Print Guild (or Co-op), and for news and updates visit occupywallst.org, the flagship. We’ll see everybody this weekend.