July 29, 2020

Covid-19 in State Prisons: An Online Conversation

Sarah Resnick, Anthony Dixon, Michelle Lewin, and Jose Saldana in conversation

Isauro Huizar, Recorridos sobre la superficie de un cuerpo. 2016, spliced soap bars used and collected by the artist for two years. Set of seventy pieces. Photos by PJ Rountree. Courtesy of the artist and Casa Maauad.

Join decarceration advocates Anthony Dixon, Michelle Lewin, and Jose Saldana and n+1 deputy editor Sarah Resnick for a conversation about Covid-19 and the ongoing health crisis inside prisons⁠—and the campaigns advocates are organizing in response⁠⁠—on the occasion of Resnick’s essay, “Paraphrase,” in the current issue of n+1. The conversation will be held via Zoom; join here.

7 PM
Wednesday, July 29
On Zoom

Sarah Resnick is a writer and n+1’s deputy editor.

Anthony Dixon is Parole Preparation Project’s director of community engagement and an activist, organizer, and prominent national speaker on issues around long and life sentences. During his thirty-two years in prison, Anthony helped secure the release of people serving long sentences and developed successful anti-violence and therapeutic anti-drug programs.

Michelle Lewin is an attorney and the executive director of Parole Preparation Project, which she co-founded as a student at CUNY School of Law.

Jose Saldana is director of the Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) campaign. Jose was released from NYS prison in January 2018 after 38 years and four Parole Board denials. While in prison, Jose earned an Associate’s Degree, founded several important restorative justice and victim awareness programs, and mentored hundreds of men.