October 8, 2015

A Discussion of “How to Survive a Footnote”

Please join us on Thursday, October 8 at 7:00 PM for a discussion of How to Survive A Footnote: AIDS Activism in the ‘After’ Years, from Issue 23.

n+1 is cohosting, with Theodore (Ted) Kerr (a Brooklyn-based writer and organizer, formerly of Visual AIDS), a “PDF Club” focusing on the essay. People are invited to read the text and discuss it, along with any related books, PDFs, or experience:

As the AIDS Crisis Revisitation continues to explore important aspects of some early responses to HIV in the US, activists, scholars, survivors, writers, and others are adding to the conversation their stories of AIDS history. Often these additions go beyond what is being covered within the revisitation, providing an even wider context to how we can understand the past and the ongoing assemblage of AIDS. As part of this, Emily Bass in her 2015 essay “How To Survive A Footnote,” writes from her position as an AIDS activist and journalist from the 90s onward, with special attention to the dynamics she saw come into play after the introduction of life saving AIDS medications in the West. Through her exploration global AIDS politics, the ways in which people change over time, the contemporary LGBT rights engagement with HIV/AIDS and other issues are covered.

This is the second PDF Club, the first one focusing on Alexandra Juhasz’s essay “ Forgetting ACT UP.”

Emily Bass will join the discussion.

7-9 PM
68 Jay Street, #405,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

All are welcome.