Where to Go, What to Do, November 17

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, November 17, we march!

In anticipation of this day of action—chosen to mark the two-month anniversary of the Occupy Movement—we want to share ways to participate.

If nothing else, come to Foley Square (Duane and Centre sts.) in the evening after work for a mass demonstration planned by OWS and organized labor.

For people who want to spend the whole day protesting, here is the full menu:

—Breakfast: We’ll meet up at 6:45 AM in front of St. Paul’s Church, on Broadway between Fulton and Vesey.  Then we’ll walk together the couple of blocks to join everybody at Zuccotti.

—Lunch: People will be in different places around the island and the boroughs. At 3 PM, some will be in Union Square with the New School and the citywide student strike. Others of us will be occupying the subway, starting in Brooklyn at Borough Hall.

—Dinner: Let’s meet at 4:45 PM at the northeast corner of City Hall Park, across the street from 1 Centre Street, where the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall 4/5/6 and the Chambers St. J/Z all get out.  Then we’ll walk a couple of blocks north to Foley Square to join the big assembly

From there, a zero-risk march with organized labor will  lead to the Brooklyn Bridge. Some folks from labor have volunteered to be arrested, and they will walk on the roadway, but if you want to stay safe, remain on the pedestrian walkway. As we understand it, there will be other marches leaving the square, but they may be less safe.

More details here: http://occupywallst.org/action/november-17th

Please spread the word.

The Gazette