Support Occuprint

In September, people at Occupy Wall Street in New York marched with amazing silk-screened posters with the slogan: “Money Talks . . . Too Much: Occupy!” Designed by Josh McPhee, they were the work of the justseeds.org collective of radical printmakers.

Those free posters led justseeds to collect hundreds of artists’ donated designs. The challenge was how to reproduce them for mass use. One early solution was the amazing printmakers’ edition of the Occupied Wall Street Journal. With spring coming, and OWS reawakening, a strengthened volunteer artists group—Occuprint—is getting ready to publish mass editions of Occupy posters and send them around the world.

Occuprint is raising money through Kickstarter to fund these free print runs. Support them! If you had one of the first free posters, if you’ve admired the efflorescence of poster art around OWS, if you’ve ever wished someone would hand you an Occupy poster, now is the time to give back and make it happen.