Olga Tokarczuk, Nobel Laureate!

Ariana Martinez, Diptych for the Coast No.1. 2016, monotype on paper.

We were absolutely thrilled to learn that earlier today, Polish novelist Olga Tokarczuk was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature. In its prize announcement, the Nobel Committee wrote that Tokarczuk’s work displays “a narrative imagination that with encyclopedic passion represents the crossing of boundaries as a form of life.” Along with her translator Jennifer Croft, Tokarczuk was also the winner of last year’s International Booker Prize, and is a finalist for this year’s award (with translator Antonia Lloyd-Jones).

n+1 is proud to have published some of the earliest English-language translations of Tokarczuk’s work, in Croft’s brilliant translation:

Everywhere and Nowhere” (2014)
Kunicki, Water (I)” (2014)
On My Way Again“ (2018)

Tokarczuk’s books Flights and Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead are available in English from Riverhead in the US and Fitzcarraldo Editions in the UK.

Our thanks to founding editor Benjamin Kunkel, who first brought Jennifer Croft’s translations of Tokarczuk to the attention of the other editors. Kunkel’s introduction to the New York Review Books reissue of Slow Homecoming, by today’s other Nobel laureate Peter Handke, can be found here.

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