Notes from the Office

Summer has arrived at the n+1 office. Our spring interns have been joined by a new summer crop; the battle for the @nplusinterns Twitter starts now. They have somewhat dangerously installed the AC in the window–we’ll be keeping an eye on the situation. In more encouraging news we bought two floor lamps, a corduroy couch, and two dark shag rugs from a design studio on our floor that closed down, and have transformed the office into a dim, cool Ikea cave.

The new issue of N1BR has just launched. A spirited debate on the house style for “a historian” versus “an historian” reached a split decision; ties goes to the runner and so it’s still “a historian” for now. With the help of the spring interns, we have been revolutionizing our review copy system. Editors, please send us your best and weirdest books; we are paying attention.

We’re still very excited about our new store, and we’re delighted to have new subscribers in Weyers Cave, Virginia; Fayetteville, Arkansas; and Las Vegas. Our digital editions are quite popular in Prague, Copenhagen, and Zhejiang. And for readers in Santa Barbara, Austin, and London, Issue 11 is now available at Chaucer’s Books, Domy Books, and Foyles Bookstore.

The second printing of What Was the Hipster? is now underway in southern Pennsylvania. Don’t worry, we moved that stray comma on the back cover.