Issue 9 appears in Madrid exhibit

Lectores madrileños: we’re proud to announce that Issue 9 has been included in “De Zines,” an exhibit of independent publications at Obra Social Casa Madrid. The space has been arranged to resemble a large reference room, with new issues of small magazines and journals from around the world. In the catalog, n+1 appears between Museum Paper, a Swedish art journal, and Nani-Ka, an Dutch graphic design magazine. Featured periodicals also include Cannon, a formidable Dutch literary journal (most independent publishing seems to occur in the Netherlands); Dabireh, an Iran-based Persian-Arabic typography journal; and Poetry is Dead, a Canadian poetry magazine. Despite all their efforts, the curators don’t seem very optimistic about the fate of print journals (“paper as a medium for spreading culture and information seems doomed to extinction”), but believe there will nonetheless be a place for them in the new dispensation. “If culture is the machine that provides definitions for a society,” they write, these publications are what “supply new names for all those new things.”