Interns Launch Personals Website

The interns have asked us to share the following note about their new personals website (at npluspersonals.tumblr.com):

Maybe it’s the summer breeze, lulling us into contemplation of all things romantic, or perhaps we’re just looking to forget the crises, meteorological and otherwise, that have plagued our great city these last few months. Nonetheless, our thoughts turn toward companionship as we look to bunker down for the fall.

And so we gathered what resources we had and came up with a little scheme. Why not use the platform of our burgeoning organization to bring likeminded singles together? We all want the same things: someone to read with, to cook for, to drag to dive concerts, or silently accompany to hungover brunches.

We want these things for ourselves, and we want them for you. So bang out a few details about yourself and what you’re looking for and send them to personals@nplusonemag.com. The posts will be kept anonymous. Those that request contact will be given your email; how you respond to their attempt at an epistolary exchange has nothing to do with us.

The Interns