Hipster Book Request

Dear Friends,

The hipster book (see the table of contents) has been receiving some nice notices, as well as angry denunciations, all across the land—and in other lands too (England, Canada, Norway, Germany, South Africa). Mark Greif’s essay on the white hipster was excerpted in New York magazine, also to much consternation and argument.

We’ve managed to get the book into some of the better independent bookstores, but there are fewer and fewer of these, and larger distributors have declined to take us on. So we need your help! If you know of a great bookstore that doesn’t carry the book, or a great coffee shop in your town that only has a B&N in it, or a clothing store, or frankly any other kind of store—or even if you want to become your own independent one-person bookstore, walking around town with the hipster book and selling it to people on the streets, Mark Twain-like—please write to us us and we’ll figure something out.

Sincerely, and with thanks as always,
The Editors

Credit: Orlando visits D’Angelo Barksdale in the Pit to propose that he help him distribute some narcotics. The visit will have dire consequences. The Wire, Season 1, episode 7. David Simon, producer. For more on The Wire, see Richard Beck’s “Treasure Island.”