HFM hits stores, captures website

Diary of a Very Bad Year: Confessions of an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager, to our knowledge the first book to start as an n+1 web piece, is now out. We’ll be selling it through our store as soon as we figure out how (we have!); in the meantime, your excellent neighborhood bookseller should have it, and so should B&N and Amazon.

We’ll be running excerpts and outtakes from the interviews all week on the site. This is known in web advertising as “total front page capture,” and it’s supposed to cost a lot of money, but in this case we’re doing it to ourselves, so it’s free.

Harper Perennial and MacKenzie Fagan have produced a stirring video trailer for the book, with animation by Erik Winkowski and Das Racist on the soundtrack. Like all bookish people we are made a little nervous by movies–won’t watching a movie make someone less likely, rather than more likely, to want to read a book, I mean, if they can just watch more movies, and TV shows, and funny videos?–but, still, this is pretty cool.

We’re doing two events for the book in the next week: Friday June 25 at Idlewild in Chelsea at 7 pm, and Monday June 28 at Greenlight in Brooklyn at 7:30 pm. Keith Gessen will interview HFM, and HFM will take questions. Please come by if you can.