Help! with n+1 Research Collective

Readers (and friends) who identify as people of color: n+1 Research Collective’s project on the internet, sexuality, and pornography has an overrepresentation of white people who have had conversations with us about these topics. We need more participants and more views! If you identify as a person of color, would you help us figure out the influence of the internet and media on sex, sexuality, lifestyles, youth, and age in “the porn era”?

We seek participants who live in the New York Metro area (or have lived there recently), for anonymous interviews (they’re interesting and enjoyable) in an online format. It’s helpful to us to speak with people from different vantages—those who use pornography or hate it, those who worry about topics of sex and sexuality and those who don’t. We want to represent the spectrum of experiences, of any age, 18-55, and all personal backgrounds.

Interested? We hope so. Email nplusoneresearch@gmail.com if you can participate, and our administrator will arrange an anonymous online Gchat interview with one of our interviewers. We will provide you an anonymous Gmail account to write from. The interviews take approximately two to three hours. Most people really like them. We hope to publish a book based on our findings, including your (anonymous) thoughts and stories.

Gratefully, n+1 Research Team 2

The Porn Era research team: Mark Greif, Kathleen Ross, Erin Sheehy, Nika Mavrody, Richard Beck, Elizabeth Gumport

Administrator: Anne Schult (nplusoneresearch@gmail.com)

For privacy purposes, please let Anne know if you know any of the researchers. You’ll never be interviewed by an acquaintance, nor will your participation be known. Conversations are confidential, and your anonymity is guaranteed.