Four Poems

Pema Rinzin, Auspicious Dream 2 (left panel). 2013, Sumi ink, gold, stone pigment on wood, 36 × 48". Courtesy Joshua Liner Gallery.

i hate flowers

all i want is sinking ships
all i want is ships under water
trains under water

cars dropped from ships into water
trains carriage by carriage like links
of sausage dragging each other under

transport is so playful without weight
or purpose — metal bubbled laughter
a whole sea of metal and salt

i don’t want to be taken anywhere
i want the traffic to stay still
i want the future lost & rusted

all i want is everything
underwater forever rendered
in scum

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What’s missing isn’t the anti-imperialist Sanders. It’s the antiwar movement he was once part of, and which no longer exists.

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The nomination of a Supreme Court justice is the closest thing the United States has to the election of a pope.

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A film by Tsai Ming-liang can feel like a test. More specifically, a staring contest. How long can you look?

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Sociologists are always in danger of being seen as paranoids, all the more so when they oppose powerful vested interests.

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P.S. I just bought my girlfriend a full set of Reiki-infused chakra crystals for Christmas.